Q: What to Expect?

A: Non-surgical, non-invasive pain management for problems related to spine, musculoskeletal, joint pain, neuromuscular problems. A non-drug approach generally focussing on analysis, diagnoses, and treatment through state-of-art equipments, manual therapy, manipulation and correction of mechanics of the body, which is the primary cause of pain and dysfunction.

Q: Why integrated Spinal Approach is better than other isolated treatments?

A: Spine problems have been the most common problem worldwide, affecting a vast majority of problems. Our integrated pain management is an advanced therapeutic approach which provides both high-end digital analysis and treatment. Spinal Manipulation, Manual Therapy, and other complimentary treatment options complete the most comprehensive and integrated treatment for pain management for spine, joints, and musculoskeletal conditions.

Q: What is Digital Spine Analysis and how it can help?

A: Very precise digital and computerized spine evaluation and interpretation. This helps clinicians to give precise treatment. Computerized data and interpretation before and after the treatment provide much better prognosis and helps in determining the exact nature of treatment without compromising other structures. Period digital spine analysis also makes sure that the prognosis is good in patients who have undergone this treatment. This also evaluates the overall spine health and helps prevent any future problems of the spine. This is a pain-free procedure and can be taken by anyone, as it is safe and has various protocols for paediatric and geriatric patients as well.

Q : What is joint manipulation and how does it help in treatment of spine and joint pain?

A: Joint Manipulation is a very old and well established technique which are quite helpful in reducing pain in the spine and other joints. Many musculoskeletal conditions also respond to these techniques. This technique has been extensively practiced by Chiropractors, Osteopaths, and Physical Therapist. When integrated approach is applied this become exponentially beneficial in help reducing pain. The same is effective for other joints as well.

Q : What is the duration of overall treatment and time spent during each session?

A: The symptoms and the prognosis of the treatment determines the duration of the treatment. Initially, alternate day sessions are provided and slowly weaned off depending on the improvement of the patients. On an average, it would need 2 weeks of treatment. Every session will last around 15-30 minutes, treatment time.

Q : What is expected during the treatment?

A: Digital Spine Analysis, Functional Evaluation, Mechanical Analysis and Consultation is provided in the first session. After the first session, the patients may marginal or marked improvement. In some acute cases, mild local flare-up can be expected which mostly resolves with ice application. For proper understanding and prognosis, the patients are advised to take minimum of 5-10 sessions to observe changes in behavioural pattern of pain and functionality.

Q : What are the Do's and Dont's after Treatment Sessions?

A: Activities which triggers the pain, aggravates the pain, or as advised by doctors should be avoided. Mild activities as the functions improve will be advised, and should be done to maintain and improve the functions, should be encouraged.

Q : What to do if I have many symptoms?

A: Detailed consultation and all the possible contributors are analysed and the treatment is planned to get desired outcomes. Proper suggestions are provided to streamline the treatments in accordance with all the consultants involved in patient care. Some medical conditions which are complex in nature would require prolonged care and extensive treatment. The treatments will be customized to reduce pain, increase functions, and also various aspects to bring back normality.